We Provide Healing and Hope for Individuals, Couples, and Families Battling Addiction or Mental Illness

The Family Recovery Institute is a multi-disciplinary clinic located in San Rafael, CA (Marin County) in the San Francisco Bay Area. We meet family members individually, in couples, and groups of parents with children of any age. Our goal is to examine together and thereby shift the family system toward wellness, stability, sustainability, and health. We’ve proven that even just one member of a family can produce systemic change.

Please don’t confuse me with Dr. Kenneth B. Perlmutter of Palo Alto, CA. He specializes in child custody and court cases.

Dr. Perlmutter’s highly anticipated book, Freedom from Family Dysfunction is now available from Amazon.com.

Dr. Kenneth Perlmutter, a California psychologist with 30-plus years in the field, and the founder of the Family Recovery Institute in Marin County, has written Freedom from Family Dysfunction specifically for family members who love someone battling addiction or mental illness who want to break the cycles of codependency and relapse plaguing their dysfunctional systems. The book’s combination of compelling vignettes, lively dialogues, and step-by-step instructions makes this guidebook an indispensable tool for the parents, partners, adult children, and the clinicians who treat them, to heal the powerlessness, pain, and impossibility of life with someone they’ve been trying to help, sometimes for decades.

Dr. Perlmutter takes a systemic and inter-generational view, combining current knowledge with his deep personal experience of addiction and family dysfunction to guide readers toward understanding their family systems, their positions in them, the forces that keep things stuck, and a way out.

“Dr. P. is changing the way we think about and approach families. His is a voice we all can and need to hear.”
– Dr. Claudia Black, Ph.D., Author, It Will Never Happen to Me and its sequel Changing Course

“[Freedom from Family Dysfunction is] essential for those whose family dynamics are in disarray and who wish to develop healthy relationships.”
The Library Journal

Available November 8 — Pre-Order Now on Amazon »


Individuals and Couples

Psychotherapy and consultation makes possible life-changing healing and learning. Our approaches can meet your exact needs.

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Individual family sessions, 3-day workshops, group therapy for parents, and outpatient family intensives offer hope and healing.

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Post-teens face enormous challenges in today’s world. We offer team based group and individual services to help navigate.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Kenneth Perlmutter, Family Systems Psychologist, brings nearly 30 years’ experience to FRI’s dedicated clinical team.

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“Dr. P. is changing the way we think… His is a voice we all can and need to hear.”
– Dr. Claudia Black

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Training and Consulting

Dr. Perlmutter’s approach has helped hundreds of clinicians hone their skills and create effective family programs.

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