Clinicians and treatment teams have relied on the Family Recovery Institute to provide individual clinical training in the Stress-Induced Impaired Coping (SIIC) model and as consultants for treatment teams facing complex challenges around authority, counter-transference, institutional change, and team composition, communication, and cohesion.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

FRI Training for clinicians - Dr. Kenneth Perlmutter - Family Recovery Institute - Training for Treatment Teams

Individual Clinicians

  • Incorporate the Stress-Induced Impaired Coping (SIIC) theoretical model and its systemic recovery program into private practice or group clinical work
  • Disentangle the work with a stuck client/family or confounding clinical condition
  • Facilitate SIIC model and systemic recovery based family workshops

Treatment Teams

  • Restore authority and accountability within the team
  • Clarify roles, expectations, and trouble spots regarding these
  • Shift the system toward wellnesss and healthier inter-dependency
  • Guide clinicians toward regaining meaning in the work and balance in their lives
  • Develop a sustainable posture for the agency, the team, and the individual members to continue the work in a refreshed spirit of realistic optimism
Upcoming Speaking Engagements